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Studio Venus is a creative experience studio for the bold and the hopeful

The fashion industry can be seen as very cynical and damaging in our day and age, but here at Studio Venus, we believe that it can also be beautiful, inspiring and an incredible platform for social change.

New brands and designers with modernity at their core are coming on the scene and changing the face of the industry through the values and ethics that their work embodies. 

Studio Venus' mission is to help these brands to connect to modern audiences in meaningful and long lasting ways. We will do so by creating impactful collective experiences with the brand's values at their core.

By producing these committed experiences, Studio Venus and our clients will build modern and mindful communities which can still use fashion as a medium to express themselves and explore their identity in new, hopeful and informed ways.

About Us.

Studio Pillars.

Female Gaze


By Free, we mean in its own right, not simply the opposite of the Male Gaze. By Female Gaze, we mean new perspectives. Free Female Gaze is the lens through which Studio Venus will look at every one of the projects that comes through our door. From a modern point of view. Considering new audiences, new experiences, new medium and new emotions. Challenging the status quo through a more creative and empathetic vision, imagining new definitions of success and collaboration.

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Studio Venus will work with communities of consumers, designers, artists, suppliers which give and take from each other in an equal manner. Concretely, if we take inspiration from a community for a project, we will make sure to empower them through that same project. If we ask our audience to give us their time or money, we will make sure that we are rewarding them for it with more than just another product for them to buy.

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Did you know that 80% of any product's carbon footprint is locked in at design stage?

A lot of studios are struggling with keeping up with the sustainability standards they agree to on paper. That is because for most of them, sustainability is always an after thought. At Studio Venus, we design with sustainability in mind from step one, from our original concept to where we source our material and who we employ as our partners.

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Elisa Ghysels is a Belgian creative director based in London. She has been a creative for world leading agencies such as Villa Eugenie, My Beautiful City, Polar Black Events, Blonstein, etc. and worked for major brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Richard Quinn, Selfridges, Harris Reed, etc.


Elisa also teaches Sustainable and Ethical Design Practices at University of the Arts London and partnered up with Hackney Council and La Federation de la Nuit in Brussels to work on Women’s Safety at Night by writing guidelines and handbooks for various partners. Recently, Elisa co-founded the Life on Venus parties which are events celebrating and reclaiming female sensuality while centering the female gaze.


All of these experiences have led her to found her own creative studio to continue to create awe-inspiring experiences with ethics and sustainability at their heart for new generations of mindful consumers and conscious brands. 

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